If you are single, you may hesitate to get involved with a local church for several reasons. Perhaps you feel church activities seem to be geared toward couples and families. You may feel shy about attending alone, and you may wonder if you will fit in.

Fortunately, church services today have a lot to offer the single person. Attending church can be a positive experience that can enrich your spiritual and social life.

Test drive several churches

The only way to find out if a church is a good fit for you is to test drive it. It is best to avoid only attending one service and moving on to the next church. Make it a goal to try one new church each month.

Many churches offer traditional as well as contemporary services. Plan on attending each service offered. For instance, one week you can go to the contemporary service and the following week you can attend the traditional one.

You should also plan on attending Sunday school in addition to the regular worship services. If the church offers a midweek service or Bible study, set aside time to take part in it.

Many churches offer multiple Sunday school classes. These classes are geared to different age groups or topics of study. Try to attend at least two or three Sunday school classes related to your age group or interests.

Attend regularly when you find the right church

Once you find a church that seems to be the best fit for your needs, make regular attendance a habit. To get the most out of a church experience, you should plan to attend as many services as possible each week.  

While the morning worship service is important, being involved in a Sunday school class or a bible study group will make it easier to establish new friendships and get to know people. You are likely to feel more comfortable making friends when you are in a smaller group of people rather than a crowded worship service.

Some churches have special accountability groups for various age groups and people in specific seasons of life. Singles groups are fairly common in churches today and offer teachings geared for the unique needs of singles.

Look for ways to serve others in the church

Being single gives you an advantage when it comes to serving others in your new church family. You are likely to have more free time to enlist your help in the church than people with family obligations.

Offer to help in the nursery so new moms can relax and enjoy the service without interruptions. You could offer to chaperone a youth event or plan a game night at the church for the youth. You could also volunteer to help with outside lawn work around the church or stay after church events to help with clean-up tasks.

Don't just limit your services to duties inside the church. Invite an elderly person for a lunch date at a restaurant or at your house. Offer to accompany an elderly person to a doctor's appointment or to help them with cleaning tasks at home. Make a meal for a church member who is recovering from surgery or for a busy mom with sick children.

Finding the right church can be a long journey, but once you reach the final destination, you will find it was well worth the time you spent to get there. Embracing the act of solo worship will pay off in great rewards for you spiritually and emotionally as you become an involved member of your church.

For more information, contact New Gethsemane Baptist Church or a similar location.